February 7, 2010

MOOLI KA PARATHA ( White Radish Paratha)

Mooli Ka Paratha

This is one of my favourite parathes :)

Ingredients :

White Radish : 3 nos (chopped in a chopper or grated)
Wheat Flour : 5-6 cups
Green Chillie : 3-4 nos chopped
Red Chillie : 1/4 tsp
Ginger : a small piece chopped
Cilantro Leaves : approx 1 cup or more ( malli ella)
Amchoor Powder (dry mango powder) - opt

Preparation :
Mix all the ingredients. Dont add water until you really need it to make the dough as the white radish already contains water. Another alternative is to rub salt into white radish and keep aside for 10 minutes. Then press the radish to squeeze the water out and then add the radish into the atta. 

I just mixed all the ingredients together and then keep aside the mixed atta for 10-15 mins. Divide the atta into small ballas and make it into flat round and put onto hot tawa. Once one side is done out oil and same onto to other side. Once done serve hot with curd and achar :)

Neetz ;)


AshKuku said...

Loved the fish curry too.....

Lovely tempting mooli ke parate.... I love them but only fear the aftermaths..... ;-)


BeenaShylesh said...

Nalla healthy paratha dear....Radish vegetablesintta kooda kondu vannal i throw it...i will try ur recipe..

Fathima said...

love all kinds of parathas ... this looks yummy 'n healthy..

Rachana Kothari said...

A very healthy and yummy paratha recipe dear:)

Gita said...

Perfect parathas...looks so tasty :)

Neetz said...

Ashu - dont fear the aftermath..try it out :)..

Beena - i know even i too never used to like radish much... this one is good try it out some time :).

Thanks u all :)

Aparna said...

woww healthy paratha.:)


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