January 22, 2010

Ulli Bajji/ Onion Fritters

The most favoured snack on road side or even at home in cold weather together with a cup of hot tea/coffee..yummmmmmmmm..i m sure ship must be sailing through all of your mouth ;)..he he he


Ingredients :

Onion                 -  3 nos medium ( sliced or chopped. I used chopped)
Gram Flour         - 1 cup
Rice Flour           - 2 tbsp
Green chillie        -  3 nos chopped
Chillie Powder     -  1 tsp
Turmeric Powder - 1/4 tsp (opt - i have not added in this bajji i made)
Asafetida             -  2 pinch approx
Coriander Leaves - 1 cup
Salt to taste
Water for the batter mix
Oil for frying

 Preperation :

Chop Onion and rub little salt in and keep aside for 10 mins. Meanwhile mix all the ingredients with water (expect for onion and oil) and check if salt is needed. After 10 mins mix in the chopped onions and prepare the batter. In a pan, once oil is hot, with a spoon put in the mixed batter little by little in and flatten it with the spoon. Fry till brown or when done. Serve hot with tomato ketchup or mint chutney :)

P.S : You can increase or decrease the quantities for green chillie according to the spice flavor you need. Also if you think the gram flour is not enough for thr onion quantities feel free to add more by mixing them in water sepaerately and adding to the pre-made batter. Make sure the mixture is not very loose

Neetz ;)


Tina said...

Hi neetu..First time to ur blog...Nice clicks and presentation...Folloeing uuuuu...

Anonymous said...

Thank...u ji.....lets see if me n my Maa is able to prepare it KERALA ishtyle!...;)
hey do visit my blog too...


K Hari

liji said...

Hi Neetu..Ur Ullibajji looks really lipsmacking good!!...i am gonna try it today..n i think its quite easy also,gud recipe for a lazy lady as well...:).lol..Thanx 4 it...

Regards Liji(Homemaker n Expecting my first liitle one)

liji said...
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liji said...
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pooja said...

hi,thanks for recepie.. i got great appreciation from my friends... once again thanks

Neetz said...

Thnk u all :)

@ Pooja..i m glad u got appreciation and evn more happy to hear u got by trying my recipe :).. keep trying all u like and let me know :)


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