January 25, 2010


Palak - Paneer Paratha

I had palak leftover after i made Green Sausage Pulav . So I thought i will make something with it instead keeping it back again in fridge. So then saw panner in my fridge also and I decided to make a combination of palak and panner paratha :)

Ingredients :

Wheat flour/Atta - 6-7 Cups
Palak - 1 1/2 bunch
Paneer cubes - around 9 pieces grated
Chilli Powder - 1/2 tsp
Aamchoor/Dry mango powder - 2 pinch (optional)
Ginger (chopped finely) - small piece
Water if needed

Preparation :

Boil the palak in water for about 7-8 minutes and drain. Then blend it into a paste once its cooled down. Youc an add water for the blending stage if needed. Sieve the wheat flour if needed and add in the grated Paneer, chillie powder, mango powder (opt), ginger and salt. Then add in the palak mixture slowly and start mixing the flour to make it to a dough.

If you need water to mix in to make the dough you can add in if palak mixture is over. Once done, keep aside for 10-15 mins covered. After that make into medium size balls and roll them into round shape as you would do for a chappathi. Make gridle hot and put in rooled piece. Then when one side is done reverse side, and put a little oil or butter on the done side. Do the same on the reverse side when done. Serve hot with Boondi Raitha and achar :)

Neetz ;)


veena said...

Hi dear ...
Great work ..Congrats ....Palak paratha looks yummy ..Keep up the great work ...

Neethu said...

Thanks so much Chechi..u were my inspiration :)

Neethu said...
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